Developing confidence and academic progress

Ormiston Rivers Academy

Ormiston Rivers Academy introduced a new programme led by Nurture Dogs, a small company that works in schools and the community to deliver animal assisted therapy to help improve learning, self-esteem, confidence, communication, and social skills.

A small group of Year 7 students were offered a wonderful opportunity to meet with the Nurture Dogs and their handlers at the Academy where they spend one hour a week with the team.

The students got involved in a variety of fun training exercises, agility games, toy making and dog grooming activities. They all had positive experiences at the sessions and made friends with the animals that visit, and provided a relaxed environment to encourage participation through teamwork and dog related activities.

The programme is designed to deliver a different type of learning and understanding differing abilities to support students in achieving their goals and potential.

Throughout the academic year, Year 7 and 8 students in the Wings special educational needs area are involved in an array of initiatives to help develop their confidence and academic progress. Ofsted have also identified that pupils who spend time with initiatives like this and others develop better communication, improve their behaviour and learn important life skills, and as a result, they successfully access a broad and balanced curriculum.”

Mrs Carol Milton said: “It is a privilege that Rivers Academy students have been entrusted with this project. It is a wonderful example of young people connecting with their local community and is a testament to their commitment and hard work.”