OAT national chess club and championship

Enrichment case study (Trust-wide)

Supported by Ormiston Trust, a national chess club initiative and chess championship has been developed and held for the first time in 2019. Academies submitted funding applications to receive up to £100 to set up or develop an established chess club, and 15 academies applied and were granted funding. To support the development of the clubs and create an opportunity for inter-academy competition, a chess club co-ordinator was also appointed, who developed and managed an online competition process.

This year, pupils competed via an all-day online tournament and in March finalists completed in an inaugural OAT chess championship shield, at which Tenbury High Ormiston Academy were named overall winners!

“I joined chess club because I want to become better and I enjoy the challenge.”

You can read more about the OAT chess club and championship on our blog, in an article by Enrichment Manager, Jemima Waltho.