Sports Cup SOUTH and EAST

Enrichment case study (Trust-wide)

At the beginning of October, 7 academies from the South and East regions, came together to compete in the inaugural OAT regional Sports Cup and even the bad weather didn’t stop them. 50 athletes and 15 dancers from each academy took part in track races, high and long jump events and dancing heats, all with the aspirations of coming first place. Photography students captured all the action and finishing line celebrations, while catering student made sure all contenders’ energy levels were stocked high.

At the end of some tense games, Broadland High Ormiston Academy were awarded first place, with Ormiston Venture taking second and City of Norwich School coming in third. Complimented on the smooth running of the event, staff and pupils showed amazing levels of sportsmanship while encouraging healthy competition. Ready, steady, go!