Supporting local primaries

Ormiston Bushfield Academy

Ormiston Bushfield Academy have been running a professional theatre-company-in-residence, Bushfield Theatre Company (BTC) for over ten years.

BTC works with younger children from neighbouring primary schools to create annual music theatre productions. The shows are like giant oratorios; young actors from academy perform the story, while choirs of young singers build a wall of sound. It's a great way to bring children together, develop a vibrant collaboration with primary schools, whilst reahing out to the local community.

Their recent production was called 'Love a Duck' and brought a huge age range of people together - ages 8 to 80. The story is based on the memories of the residents of Rangefield - a local sheltered housing complex - of their being evacuated as children to the country during the Second World War. Thanks to the reminiscences of the residents, Love a Duck weaved its fiction around a sturdy framework of fact.

A large group of Rangefield Sheltered Housing residents came to see 'Love a Duck' performance and enjoyed every moment.

BTC and the academy's Performing Arts Department managed and delivered the production.