Ormiston Cliff Park Primary celebrates new chapter

  8 September, 2021

Executive principal Kate Rutherford and pupils

Staff and pupils at the newly formed Ormiston Cliff Park Primary Academy (OCPPA) have hugely enjoyed their first week as a united school, as part of its latest chapter.

The academy, which was formerly split into Ormiston Cliff Park Infant Academy and Ormiston Cliff Park Junior Academy, officially came together this academic year following an overwhelmingly positive public consultation process.

The change has already allowed an increased sharing of resources and expertise between the two former schools, who already worked very closely together, and will provide pupils with a positive and joined-up continuity throughout their entire primary journey.

With a colourful new logo and exciting plans for whole school events in the future, the academy is optimistic about what the future will hold.

The new school team is being led by executive principal Kate Rutherford, who is supported by vice principal Louise Watkins and assistant principal Phil Reid, both of whom held leadership roles at the former schools.

Principal, Kate Rutherford, said: “We are all so excited to be part of one, united school, and are delighted at how the first week has gone. The Infant and Junior academies already worked very closely together, but this evolution has allowed a greater sense of community for the school and will provide the best possible experience for both students and staff.

“We are confident that our cohesion as a single school will allow us to proactively build on our positive role in the wider community, which we are always delighted to be an active part of.”

Visit the OCPPA’s new website here.

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