Schools Minister praises Ormiston Venture Academy’s exceptional GCSE results

  22 August, 2019

Students and staff at Ormiston Venture Academy have been proudly celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results this year – which have been praised by Schools Minister Lord Agnew as “exceptional”.

The school has recorded significant improvements and excellent results achieved across the board with 68% of students overall at the academy, which is sponsored by Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), achieving a Grade 4 or higher in both English and maths – a five percentage point increase on last year’s figure and a 21-percentage point increase on 2017.

Some 85% of students gained at least a Grade 4 in English (an 11-percentage point increase on last year) and 72% achieved a Grade 4 or above in mathematics (up 2 percentage points on last year).

Amongst the many individual success stories of the day included:

  • Raul Hasmasan achieved 8 grade 9-7s or equivalent including 8s in science, maths, geography and Spanish. “I’m really proud of what I got, I won’t forget the staff and all the help they have given me to help me get here, I think I am here now with these grades at least partly because of the extra sessions and opportunities I was given”
  • Sophie Long achieved 10 grade 9-7’s or equivalents including 9’s in science and history, 8s in English Language, English Literature and Spanish. “I was really nervous about opening my results, but I am ecstatic now I have opened them, I would like to say thank you to all of the staff who have really helped me through my time at Venture, I changed schools and I’m really glad I made the move here.”
  • Aref Shafei achieved 8 grade 9-7s or equivalents including 9’s in science and 8’s in French and maths. “I feel great, this is the best feeling in the world, the hard work has paid off, I wasn’t going to open them at school because I was worried about what I might have got but am actually so happy I can share this with everyone” 
  • Bethany Coulson who is going on to Lowestoft Sixth Form and looking at studying a combination of sciences, maths and law was delighted with her outstanding results including five grade 9’s in computer science, history, maths and science. 

With the excitement of revealing the outcomes of their hard work, there are outstanding results all round coupled with smiling faces beaming with pride. Over 5 years the students of Ormiston Venture Academy have been sensational with the progress they have made opening doors to exciting futures.

Schools Minister Lord Agnew said:

“Today marks the culmination of much hard work from students and teachers alike, and I want to congratulate all those involved in the exceptional results at Ormiston Venture Academy, and the wider team at Ormiston Academies Trust.

“GCSE results can be the springboard for a whole career, so whether young people choose further study through A levels, an apprenticeship or a vocational qualification, they should be full of excitement about the next stage in their lives.”

Simon Gilbert-Barnham, Principal of Ormiston Venture Academy, highlighted:

“It has been a pleasure to teach and work with such an amazing group of students over their time at Venture. Their success is fully deserved with so many of them not only achieving the very top grades but true success across the full range of subjects.

“Thank you to everyone involved including families, staff and our Venture community. It is with real pride that I congratulate each and every one of them, wish them success in walking their future paths and thank them for the fantastic experience of seeing them grow into amazing young people at Venture. The students of Ormiston Venture Academy are exceptional, and so are their achievements”.

Nick Hudson, Chief Executive Officer of Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) commented:

“I would like to congratulate everyone at Ormiston Venture Academy on an outstanding set of GCSE results.

“As a Trust, it is our absolute priority to ensure that every student fulfils their potential, no matter what their background. We are delighted to see the academy continuing to achieve so highly, reflective of today’s results.”

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