Students at Ormiston Venture Academy join ‘Shoebox Appeal’

Students at Ormiston Venture Academy are looking forward to taking part in this year’s Shoebox Appeal. Following the project’s launch in school assemblies in October, form groups and their tutors have been packing items ready to provide Christmas cheer to less fortunate young people across the world.


The Appeal is part of ‘Operation Christmas Child,’ a project led by the charity Samaritans, where shoe boxes full of gifts are created and then delivered to children across Eastern Europe, Africa and beyond living in poverty. It hopes to provide a connection between different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities.

Students at the academy were told that with over one million shoeboxes sent out from the UK and Ireland last year, 5,000 UK volunteers will help to prepare the shoeboxes for delivery and fourteen different countries will receive these valued gifts in 2018.

Over 30 shoeboxes have been completed jointly by the four colleges and will be delivered to the local drop off point in Great Yarmouth. Students were delighted to be involved in bringing joy to so many young people in parts of the world they may never visit.

Simon Gilbert-Barnham, Principal of Ormiston Venture Academy, said:

"We are delighted to be taking part in this year’s Operation Christmas Child. We’d like to thank all the kind-hearted students who are taking part and discovering how something small can make such a big difference."

Libby, a student at Venture, said:

"It was really fantastic to be able to make up the boxes with lots of lovely gifts to children who will really appreciate it".

Evie and Grace, students at Venture, said:

"We told our family about the appeal effort we were doing in our form group and our Nan helped by producing an entire box!"