Venture ‘Diana Ambassadors’ support bike-marking scheme at local primary

  22 May, 2019

Venture's DIana Ambassadors

Five Diana Award ambassadors at Ormiston Venture Academy have been eager to work with the local police to support their bike-marking scheme within the community.

The ambassadors set up an event at Homefield VC Primary school in Bradwell where there were over 25 bikes to mark and register on the police database to try and prevent bikes being stolen. Marking and registering the bikes makes them easier to trace if they are ever stolen, and hopefully returned to their owners.


Mr Owen Copper said: “This was a great opportunity for the Diana Ambassadors to get involved with the local police and support our local primary school students to get their bikes registered. This will also help our pupils get their ‘Community’ badge from the Diana Award.”

PC Lucy Boakes said: “Bike-marking consists of a tamper-proof sticker being put onto a bike and that bike being registered with BikeRegister; this is a database that Norfolk Police access to identify stolen bikes. This was a great collaboration between schools which we would like to do more of. The input from students at Ormiston Venture Academy was invaluable.”

Student Bethany Cooper, Year 7 said: “As a team of anti-bullying ambassadors we wanted to work with the community and primary schools to raise awareness of what we do and to help us achieve our ‘Community’ badge with the Diana Award, which shows our commitment to working with others and supporting our local primary schools and police.”

Student Lilly Bennett, Year 7 said: “It was such a great event and nice to see so many children and parents come to see us at Homefield to get their bikes marked. We would like to do this with other primary schools in the area. This will help the community in keeping their bikes safe and hopefully prevent any thefts of bikes in our area.”

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