Becoming an OAT primary academy

“Many primary schools have found that the best way for them to convert to academy status is to collaborate and convert as part of a group, sometimes described as a ‘chain’ or ‘family’ of schools. The most beneficial model that schools can adopt to formalise their partnership is a multi-academy trust (MAT).” Department for Education Primary Academy Guide.

Primary schools are a valued part of Ormiston Academies Trust. The network is well balanced with a number of good and outstanding academies who work in partnership to provide mutual support.

Your school is unique, and as an OAT academy you retain that distinctive identity. But you can also:

  • Build on your current strengths and preserve your core values.
  • Use your greater interdependence to use your assets and resources more efficiently.
  • Trade expertise within the group.
  • Share resources and withstand unforeseen pressures.
  • Draw on a network of senior leaders, teachers, consultants and governors to add capacity to your team when needed.

You can strengthen key areas with dedicated school improvement support including:

  • Personal challenge and support from a highly qualified education advisor.
  • An annual review led by trained Ofsted inspectors.
  • Specialist consultancy days.

To find out more, please email Dr Jason Howard, Regional Director West and Director of Primary and Progress or call 0121 262 4713

What our primary academies say

“We originally approached OAT to sponsor our school because of the first-hand experience we had of seeing the transformation at our local OAT secondary academy. The history of OAT and its genuine link to improve the life chances of children who face disadvantages resonated with governors and myself. We felt that this was a provider who genuinely wanted to support communities.

“OAT was able to provide evidence of the way in which they had successfully supported schools. They have a clear emphasis on developing the capacity of the school community, respectfully supporting empowerment by developing what was already established.”

Kate Rutherford, Principal, Ormiston Herman Academy

“As a new principal I have really valued the support OAT has given me. From detailed evaluative support from our Primary Education Advisor to up to date and informative HR and PR advice from Head Office, OAT has supported our academy’s growth and development every step of the way.

“While each of the primary academies in the OAT family has unique characteristics, the mutual support we are able to give one another through the OAT network is invaluable and has already led to significant school improvement.”
Jane Nolan, Principal, Ormiston South Parade Academy “Since Matley Primary School became part of the Ormiston family as Ormiston Meadows Academy, its relationship with local secondary Ormiston Bushfield Academy (OBA) has gone from strength to strength.

“Ormiston Meadows pupils attend a range of workshops and master classes in various subjects, and OBA staff deliver English and maths to Year 6 high ability students.”
Ormiston Bushfield Academy (secondary), Peterborough