Our finance team co-ordinate the financial activities of your academy, helping standardise processes (to nurture efficiency and best practice), while giving you the freedom to manage your own affairs.

We manage certain financial services centrally, such as internal auditing, insurances, payroll and management of the accounting systems. In this way we work together to achieve economies of scale, saving you money when buying goods and services. We are keen to ensure that all academies manage their budgets effectively, generate surpluses in the medium term giving your governing body and the OAT trustees confidence in all aspects of your ongoing viability. The finance department ensures that:

  • Financial records in all academies are accurate, transparent, kept up to date on a timely basis and of a high quality.
  • Finance directors in each academy are working effectively and are able to support their principals, senior leadership teams and governing bodies.
  • Corporate purchasing systems result in measurable year on year financial savings.
  • Academies continue to comply with the requirements of their funding agreements and the Academies Financial Handbook.
  • Academies are kept up to date with changes in funding and other financial or legislative matters.