ICT and learning technologies

OAT will support your ICT needs and is core to the day-to-day running of an outstanding academy. All academies must ensure that students are provided with a flexible and positive experience while maintaining an appropriate level of protection and ICT offers staff a resource that support in the delivery of outstanding lessons and maintaining back office systems. The use of technology must allow for personalised enhanced teaching and learning, with safeguarding and security at the heart.

We believe that using ICT to personalise and develop learning in your school should be a continual process That’s why we offer ongoing advice, information and training so your staff and students get maximum benefit from your investment. Our ICT support ensures that:

  • All academies have their own vision for ICT and how it supports learning.
  • ICT plans in academies have clear targets aligned to their ICT vision and curriculum.
  • Technical advice is given in a non-technical format.
  • There is clear guidance on ICT strategy and procurement.
  • There are opportunities for sharing good practice.
  • Support the security needs of academy and safeguarding.