Trip to Sao Miguel to inspire geography students

OSCA - The AzoresOrmiston Sandwell Community Academies geography department are becoming globetrotting legends and following on from a massively successful international trip to Iceland last year, this year they headed to the Azores.

Every trip the department runs has specific objectives that link to the GCSE specification, to prepare younger students and to support current GCSE students. Geography can be a subject that students struggle with when they can't see things with their own eyes and the Azores proved to be the perfect place to do this!

In their time on the island of Sao Miguel, students had the opportunity to visit several volcanoes, walking within the craters and around the lakes that now fill them. The Azores is subtropical, so students could see the stratification of a tropical forest and link this to our ecosystems topic.

The group consisted of 33 students and three members of staff, who had been saving their pennies and organising fundraisers in the academy. All students returned with a heightened level of enthusiasm for the subject and were eager to share what they had learned. Already, the Geography department have started preparations for the next trip to Morocco!