Estates and ICT

We are committed to our pupils and academy staff, so that they have:

  • Quality, warm and safe estates in which to teach and learn
  • ICT resources that are flexible, appropriate and accessible, with safeguarding and security at the heart
  • Guidance on purchasing to drive best value and savings

We manage multiple estate projects, which include new builds, repairs/replacement works, and block improvement works. Since 2014, the Trust has invested £6.7m, working alongside other organisations, into the OAT family estate and includes projects such as:

  • Cowes Enterprise College: new build
  • Ormiston Venture Academy: single storey Schoolhaus eco build
  • Cliff Park Ormiston Academy: refurbished admin area, music department and new canteen
  • Ormiston Forge Academy: refurbished kitchen and increased dining capacity
  • Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy: two storey Schoolhaus eco build
  • Ormiston Meridian Academy: conversion of swimming pool to drama space and dance studio
  • Ormiston NEW Academy: refurbished residential house to accommodate army cadet base

For 2019–20 an investment of £3.8m on current projects includes:

  • Cowes Enterprise College: multi-use 3G sports pitch
  • Ormiston Endeavour Academy: new build
  • George Salter Academy: new arts block

There is further investment annually for smaller works to ensure school buildings are safe, warm, dry and energy efficient.

Ormiston Endeavour Academy new build, artist’s impression

Leading the way

James Miller, National Director of Estates and Technology is the co-chair and founder of the The Trust Network. The network works with four other MATs and is designed to help small developing multi-academy trusts manage their estate and annual budget. This is the only group of its kind to be endorsed and supported by the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

For further information visit The Trust Network website.

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