Student expedition across the Yukon

In January 2017, British Exploring joined forces with OAT to launch a competition that would see students from OAT academies compete for three places to join the British Exploring summer 2017 expedition to the Canadian Yukon. British Exploring take groups of approximately 60 explorers ranging in age from 16-25 to the world’s most remote wilderness destinations. Once there they engage in mini expeditions with a scientific purpose supported by a volunteer leadership team with extensive experience in science, media and adventure.

The student explorers will find themselves completely cut off from the conveniences of the modern world, and that includes running water as well as smart phones. They are forced to adapt, to work together - essentially to contribute in a way they have never before experienced. There is no escape, no off-switch - just a list of possible goals and a challenge to achieve them. Every member of the team is expected to contribute to the setting, planning and achievement of the expedition goals.

The first stage of the competition challenged students to write a short essay and pitched to a selection board. The places on expedition have been funded by British Exploring, OAT and the explorers themselves needing to raise their contribution through fundraising.

After extensive deliberation, the three places were offered to Nathan Jarvis from Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy, Pipi-Lotta Kulla and Oliver Scragg from Cowes Enterprise College. Since accepting they have raised money and attended a training weekend with the rest of the expedition team, it is a crucial step in letting the explorers know what to expect on their expeditions.

Pipi from Cowes Enterprise College said: “I thought the explorer weekend was really good, a lot better than expected, and I'm now a lot more comfortable with the idea of going into the wilderness for three weeks. In late July, we will be on our journey to the Canadian Yukon and I am feeling extremely nervous but excited about the trip.”

For more information visit British Exploring Canadian Yukon Expedition.