How to support us

Our ambitious approach has already provided great benefits and opportunities for our student's in-line with the Enrichment Charter. But there is much to do to broaden our impact and ensure they have access to these opportunities through effective partnerships and collaborations.

Our vision is for all young people to have the highest academic, social and practical skills to allow them to lead a fulfilling life and we hope that you will join us and feel inspired to support our work in making that difference.

To successful deliver our Enrichment Charter across all our academies, and for every one of our 25,000+ students that so richly deserves it, we are looking to extend our partners with both organisations and individuals, in order to support all aspects of enrichment.

To become an enrichment partner contact and find out how your organisation can support OAT.

Download a PDF of our Enrichment Brochure by clicking on the thumbnail image below.

"Whether it be a trip to Kenya or something as simple as a horse riding lesson, it is often the first step in their realisation there is a great world of opportunity waiting for them and by working hard, further great experiences will open in their lives post-school."

Tuesday Humby, Executive Principal at Ormiston Chadwick Academy