At Ormiston Academies Trust the purpose of the curriculum is based on our purpose as a Trust:

  • Teach – the curriculum sets out the knowledge and skills pupils are entitled to.
  • Develop – the curriculum sets out how pupils will develop socially and emotionally.
  • Change – the curriculum should be designed so that any pupil can excel, so that no one is disadvantaged.

We have developed a curriculum statement and set of principles in collaboration with our schools, to ensure it meets the needs and requirements of our teachers and pupils. Our view of the curriculum is that:

  • It extends between the ages of 2 and 19.
  • It includes both the formal timetabled curriculum and all the informal learning and development that occurs outside the timetable.
  • It is a plan or strategy for progression for our pupils: how we move them from a state where they have not acquired specific knowledge, skills, experience and dispositions, to a state where they have acquired these.
  • It encompasses everything that pupils acquire: what they know, what they can do, what experiences they have had and how they are likely to behave.
  • It involves a deliberate choice to select, from all the possible knowledge, skills, experiences and dispositions, those which we believe pupils should acquire.
  • It responds to well-designed assessment which tells us whether pupils have acquired what was intended.

Download the OAT Curriculum Statement below.

Curriculum Statement