Books for the community

  27 May, 2020

A teaching assistant from Ormiston Herman Academy has been gifting books to the children in her community.

Ms Jamie Speed has always had a love for reading and has found it hugely important within her working role. She has made it her mission to instil a love of reading in the pupils she works with, and lockdown has not deterred her from carrying on.

“Lockdown happened so suddenly and finding ourselves at home has allowed us to start clearing out some of the cupboards. My daughters and I are all avid readers and over the years we had gathered quite a collection of books. Normally we don’t throw out books, we pass them on for others to enjoy, and lockdown has been no different.”

Each morning, Jamie and her daughters lined up an array of books, comics and board games, with signs inviting people to take home and enjoy. They picked books based on spreading happiness and with a hope of bringing smiles to their community. In total, they have gifted over a hundred books, thirty comics and six board games, with an additional thirty books being placed in Ormiston Herman’s Community Hub.

Jamie has received many messages of thanks from the community, with some even following her amazing example, showing that Covid-19 may have stopped many things, but not the love of reading!

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