Celebrating International Women’s Day by showcasing the exceptional achievements of OAT alumni

  8 March, 2022

OAT is shining the light on some of the exceptional alumni in order to inspire students this International Women’s Day.

One of the Trust’s most inspiring alumna is Nafeesa Bi, a former student at George Salter Academy, who now works as an associate in corporate finance at the large multinational corporation Deloitte.

After attending George Salter Academy, Nafeesa went on to study global health and social medicine at Kings College London. During her time at university Nafeesa also had the opportunity to study luxury markets in East Asia at the University of Hong Kong.  

Nafeesa recently contributed to the Trust’s innovative online careers portal OAT Futures, which has been created to help support students in making well-informed and aspirational choices about their futures.

The website consists of hundreds of videos of both former students and local businesses, who talk through their experiences in finding the right career path while also offering important advice.

In Nafeesa’s video, she discussed how many young people sometimes suffer from “Imposter Syndrome” which is where those who are doing well doubt their abilities and whether they are up to the job. However, Nafeesa encourages all students and young people to pursue their dreams to the full.  

The initiative forms part of OAT’s wider commitment to offering students valuable opportunities to find a path that inspires them.  

Nafeesa Bi, associate at Deloitte and former student of George Salter Academy, said: “The words of encouragement that I received during my time at George Salter Academy helped to give me the confidence and drive I needed to follow my dreams. 

“I am delighted that I was able to contribute to the amazing OAT Futures initiative and play a part in inspiring the next generation of OAT students.” 

Klara Reddy, senior lead practitioner for personal development, said: “Nafeesa is a shining example of the importance of empowering our students to achieve whatever they put their minds to. 

“The OAT Futures initiative allows us to provide our pupils with strong role models who demonstrate that no matter what your background is, you can achieve great things.” 

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