CNS student wins national writing competition

  21 July, 2020

Florence Bullion, a Year 9 student at City of Norwich School is celebrating her success as one of the winners at this year’s Young Norfolk Writing Competition.

The Young Norfolk Writing Competition is the region’s largest annual creative writing event for young people aged 11 to 18 and this year it received a record number of entries, with over 500 pieces of work submitted.

Florence’s poem, titled An impromptu nonsensical, was chosen as one of the seven winning entries, with a further entry that she had submitted receiving one of 12 highly commended awards. In addition to the certificates for the awards, Florence will also receive book tokens and a piece of art based on her poem, created by a student at Norwich University of Arts.

Florence Bullion said:

“The poem was written to capture and preserve a mood that I didn’t want to lose, and I am happy I won and will certainly continue writing.”

Jo Philpott, Headteacher at City of Norwich School said:

“City of Norwich School is really proud of Florence’s beautiful submission and well-deserved win. This is a fantastic personal achievement and Florence has excelled with this wonderful poem. The English department at CNS promotes creativity and also applaud Florence’s achievement.”

Florence’s winning poem ‘An impromptu nonsensical’  

Do you ever just 
walk in the woods
and as you pause for a moment, it dawns upon you
that this is perfect
and this is the air, this is the whimsical charm from which fairytales are spun
  it hangs arctic yet soft around your face
    pure and still, frozen
      and clambers up from deep inside you
       the child within
    slips into your mind, lolls in the nonsensical glow of long-dormant wonder
  and grasps the reins
as you hesitate –
and just for a slight moment, this pictures stiffens and sets
  bleeds in vibrant inks into the wrinkled melodies of a fairytale
    locked, trapped in time
      a rare, simple impression – a fossil of gleam and glimmer
      and yet in a few seconds 
    it is swept aside, that curious stillness, ripped and ruptured by the nimble dance of time 
  and it is gone

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