Cowes Enterprise College salutes anti-bullying heroes

  17 November, 2020

Cowes Enterprise College, Anti-Bullying Heroes

In a bid to expand its work to raise awareness of bullying, and to the promote the importance of showing kindness, tolerance and inclusivity, Cowes Enterprise College has elected its new Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

The academy elects the group of students yearly, and encourages these ‘Heroes’ to lead on peer support at the school.

In line with national Anti-Bullying Week, the ‘Heroes’ also contribute to the school’s annual ‘Policy in Practice’ review, where the academy assesses its current anti-bullying policies and how they could be bolstered.

The academy has also developed assemblies for the whole school, as well as up to date resources for students, parents and teachers to best support those who may need it.

Cowes Enterprise College puts student wellbeing at the heart of everything it does and is always working to ensure that kindness and compassion is at the forefront of all policies and practices.

Rachel Kitley, Principal at Cowes Enterprise College, said:

“Every student has the right to come to school and feel safe, supported and happy. Our new Anti-Bullying Ambassadors help ensure this, and to spread positive messages throughout the whole school.

“As a school we have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, and through our ambassadors, assemblies and specialised resources, we are can educate everyone about the importance of kindness.

“I am very proud about how proactive these ‘Heroes’ have been in supporting their fellow students and I am sure they will continue to do fantastic work!”

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