Cowes Enterprise College students learn to Talk the Talk!

  6 May, 2021

Year 8 students at Cowes Enterprise College have been learning invaluable communications skills thanks to education charity Talk the Talk.

Expert trainers from the charity, whose mission is to improve students’ communication skills to enable positive interaction in all life situations, joined students to encourage and empower them to speak confidently on a wide range of topics.

The students were offered numerous speaking opportunities and were coached and supported throughout the workshop to deliver a structured, two-minute presentation to their peers, on a topic for which they have a genuine passion.

The Year 8s spoke on topics such as “Should there be a bridge from the Isle of Wight to the mainland?”, “Is gaming a sport?” and “Is there an alternative to the floating bridge?”, all of which provoked open and engaging discussions for the whole class.

The successful day was structured through Talk the Talk’s Talk About Communication workshop, an exciting and engaging masterclass in essential speaking and listening skills, which educates students on how to use persuasive language techniques to get their message across.

The workshop nurtured employability skills, interview techniques and key presentation skills, with Cowes students and staff reflecting positively on the day’s work. 

Principal of Cowes Enterprise College, Rachel Kitley, said: “We were excited to welcome Talk the Talk to the academy; this has been a fantastic opportunity for our Year 8 students to work with experts in communication to develop their public speaking and presentation skills. Developing public speaking forms a key part of our student charter. The Cowes Charter encompasses a broad range of opportunities our students are entitled to whilst they are with us, from Year 7 right through to Year 13.

“At Cowes Enterprise College we are proud to provide our students with a broad and varied curriculum that educates for life. Offering a wide range of experiences and opportunities, such as Talk the Talk, is one of many ways we achieve this.”

A Year 8 student at Cowes Enterprise College said: “I was so nervous about speaking in front of people before the workshop, but now I feel like I could talk in front of anyone! I’m really grateful to the trainers from Talk the Talk for helping me build my confidence.”

Director of Talk the Talk, Mr Richard Hull said: “There is no doubt that grades open the door to opportunity for our students, but when they walk through that door, they need a completely different set of skills. We are striving to ensure that all young people are suitably equipped with the essential tools and skills to communicate confidently in a variety of situations – both within school and in their lives beyond.”

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