Cowes Enterprise students send messages of love to the planet

  14 February, 2020

On Valentine’s Day, students and staff at Cowes Enterprise College sent a message of love to the planet.

Students were given the opportunity to plant wildflower seeds in biodegradable pots and to write a message for the earth on a recycled paper marker or on a wooden lolly stick. These wildflower seeds will be lovingly cared for until they are ready to be planted in a wildflower meadow which we hope will attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators.

Senior member of the Academy’s Eco Council, Lotty Green, said: “This is a great idea that both is actively helping the environment in our school and linking to the theme of the strike. This is such a good way to boost the impact of the strike and get involved in some way.”

Cowes Enterprise College student displaying her pot and message to the planet

This follows Cowes Enterprise College’s continued theme of ‘Use Education, Don’t Lose Education’ for the #FridaysForFuture Climate Strike action.

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