GSA supplies families with food and supplies during lockdown

  14 May, 2020

GSA Foodbank

Staff at George Salter Academy have come together to help supply families at the school with access to food during the coronavirus lockdown.

Maths teacher Clare O’Farrell created the scheme and is now being supported by thirteen members of staff, including principal Adrian Price, to organise and deliver supplies to families across the local area. The academy set up a donation system and hap since collected over £1,000 from staff members. This is in addition to the food donations that have been flooding in ever since the scheme began.

George Salter Academy’s motto is ‘One World in One School’ and they’ve been making sure they live up to this in light of the pandemic. Both students and staff are making sure that the entire Salter family is supported from afar until they can be reunited again at school.

Principal Adrian Price said:

“We are a really strong community here at George Salter Academy, and that’s the same whether we’re together or apart. I’m so proud that my staff are continuing to go the extra mile for students, and I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

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