Horizon are growing ‘Green Fingers’ for #iwill

  18 February, 2020

Students at Ormiston Horizon Academy had the opportunity to visit a local community food initiative, that strives to link together schools, businesses and local people by helping them to learn about growing, eating and cooking fruit and vegetables.

Root ‘n’ Fruit is a community allotment in Stoke-on-Trent, where Horizon students were able to develop their green-fingered skills, ready for the opening of the academy garden through the #iwill campaign.

Miss Jukes expressed how enthusiastic the #iwill students were,

“Some students tried a variety of new vegetables and herbs which they had never eaten before. Others took home newly planted seeds which they will look after until our garden school is up and running”.

Students were taught on the different growth cycles of plants and vegetables, as well as nutrition and sustainability. Jacob, #will student ambassador for the academy, commented,

“Root ‘n’ Fruit was a fun and intriguing event that informed us about the correct ways to grow and maintain plants.  However, it also encouraged us to be eco-friendlier by recycling.  Not only was this good for the planet, but it was also healthier for the plants.”

The sparkling #will work taking place in our academies is the result of Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) securing £2 million of funding from the #iwill fund and national charity Ormiston Trust to help young people become involved in youth social action. To find out more about the #iwillfund, click here.

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