Local OAT schools praised for their ‘Dunkirk Spirit’

  14 May, 2020

Andrew Burns, Executive Principal at Ormiston Forge Academy and Ormiston NEW Academy, has praised staff and students across the two academies for the way in which everyone has pulled together during the lockdown.

He says that when the Government announced the closure of schools, he was inundated with offers from staff to support vulnerable students and the children of key workers who were still eligible to attend.

The kindness and determination shown by staff and students at these schools has been mirrored across OAT’s 40 academies across the country, with everyone working together to contribute in whatever way they can, while staying committed to their usual work.

There are challenges to home learning for both students and staff, but it’s important that students remain dedicated to their studies, and everyone is doing their very best to make it work. The cancelling of exams really impacted certain year groups, but with the help of their teachers, those students have done a great job to find work to keep them motivated and inspired.  

Meanwhile, those eligible for free school meals have been going to school to collect them, but they have been meticulous about maintaining social distancing measures while doing so. Staff have been helping to deliver school meals to those unable to collect them, continuing to show how they go above and beyond for their students.

Executive Principal Andrew Burns said:

“Everybody’s pulled together and there is certainly a sense of Dunkirk spirit and being in the trenches together that has been fantastic. This period has been incredibly tough on so many people, but students and staff are continuing to rise to the challenges and be there for each other.”

Nick Hudson, CEO of Ormiston Academies Trust said:

“It’s pleasing to hear that staff and pupils are pulling together at Ormiston Forge and Ormiston NEW. I’ve never been prouder of all of our schools across the OAT family; they have shown such strength in the face of uncertainty, and a willingness to lend a helping hand wherever they can.”

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