Ormiston Bridge Academy praised by Ofsted for caring culture and positive outcomes

  24 November, 2021

Ormiston Bridge Academy, which recently became part of Ormiston Academies Trust has been praised by Ofsted as it retains its good status following its last inspection.

Amongst the praise, Ofsted noted that students “enjoy coming to Ormiston Bridge Academy” and know that “staff care about them and their wellbeing”.

Following its latest inspection, which took place on 21 and 22 September, inspectors highlighted how staff have “high expectations” of students and make decisions based on ensuring students can be successful in their learning.

Alongside these standout comments, inspectors emphasised a number of other ways in which the academy is going above and beyond to provide the best educational opportunities for its students. Notably:

  • The report noted how staff take time to understand the needs and barriers to learning students may have had at previous schools and provide personalised support to help them get back on track and learn well.
  • Importantly, students with special educational needs and/or disabilities receive high-quality support and are provided with bespoke plans. Thanks to strong communication between leaders and staff, staff are skilled and confident in supporting students. Leaders organise additional input from external professionals which ensure students’ needs are met.
  • Inspectors remarked on how, during break and tutor times, staff take time to join in with sports or play games with students. They said that students really enjoy these periods and appreciate that staff spend time getting to know them and finding out about their interests.
  • Assessors were impressed with how leaders have developed a range of extra-curricular activities for students to take part in that aim to develop their self-confidence. These vary from horse riding to work with a theatre company to try out public speaking.
  • Meanwhile, leaders work closely with local organisations to increase the opportunities available for pupils, for instance access to specialist sporting facilities, and through these partnerships, there is the chance to do work experience placements and study for additional qualifications.
  • Ofsted also found that leaders have chosen the curriculum carefully, focusing on ensuring students have the knowledge and skills they need. They want all students to obtain recognised qualifications and understand the importance of this in helping students to pursue their goals for education and employment.

The report is testament to the hard work of students, staff and the wider community, and importantly demonstrates the academy’s commitment to identifying what works best for individual students and tailoring its provision accordingly.

As the academy enters a new chapter as part of the OAT family, students, staff and the wider community are looking forward to building on the excellent foundations in place and continuing its upward trajectory, supporting students towards successful futures.

Ziah Raphael, principal at Ormiston Bridge Academy said: “I’m so proud of everyone at Ormiston Bridge Academy for this result; I’m particularly pleased to see recognition of our staff’s dedication to students and their willingness to go the extra mile.

“I’m very grateful to all of our students, staff, parents/carers, the Trust and Governors and wider academy community for their support in helping us achieve this – at Ormiston Bridge Academy our sense of community is essential to what we do and intrinsic to our achievements, so we are always appreciative for all the support we receive.

“At our academy, the priority is ensuring every student has the opportunity to pursue their ambitions and strive for success in life, whatever their background. We look forward to seeing what we will achieve next as part of this new chapter.”

Seamus Oates CBE, regional director for London at Ormiston Academies Trust said: “This report reflects the ongoing hard work of both students and staff, and it’s a very well-deserved outcome.

“At the heart of Ormiston Bridge Academy is a community that really cares about its students and ensuring the best for them, and it’s really great to see a report that recognises and reflects this ethos.

“As ever, the academy never sits still and is always looking for ways to improve and do more for its students. Having recently joined the Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), staff are looking forward to sharing best practice with academies across the Trust and benefitting from the additional support being part of OAT will offer.”

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