Ormiston Rivers Academy alumni produce inspiring socially distanced performance

  14 July, 2020

Former Performing Arts students at Ormiston Rivers Academy, have come together to deliver a socially distanced performance of Labi Siffre’s “(Something Inside) So Strong”, to boost community spirit and togetherness.

Under the leadership of Assistant Vice Principal Sandra Carroll, the alumni group wanted to create something that could be a symbol of strength to their school community during difficult times. The video signifies how strong and deep-rooted the Ormiston Rivers Academy family is, and how that continues even when students have left the school or are apart from one another.

So far, the online performance has already had over 15,000 views, and the number continues to climb. The video has gained international traction, being shared across the United States, South Africa, the Cayman Islands and beyond. 

Assistant Vice Principal Sandra Carroll said:

“It’s been really touching to have my old students come together to create such a beautiful performance, and we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response we’ve received. It just goes to show what a lasting impact a good school can have on its students, and I hope all our current students watch it and feel inspired and hopeful about their next steps.”

The video is available on Facebook and can be viewed here.

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