Ormiston Rivers Academy equips students to get creative during lockdown

  18 February, 2021

Staff at Ormiston Rivers Academy have been delivering “Technology Packs” to students, as they aim to ensure that every student is able to access the full curriculum offer during the current lockdown.

The packs are to support students to continue learning practical skills during their textiles, engineering and art lessons, and contain a range of items, from embroidery threads and needles to watercolour paint kits and paintbrushes.

Textile packs

The delivery was very much a joint effort, with support staff at the academy sourcing the materials and assembling the packs. Deliveries were made by Mrs Lisa Corbett, student support advisor, and Harry Simpson, assistant student support advisor.

Students and parents were thrilled to receive the packs, with one parent getting in touch with the academy to say she was “stuck for words” at how amazing it had been, and that the students have “every opportunity you can possibly give them to learn and do well.”

This initiative followed a highly successful delivery of stationery, resources, food items and sanitary products to every village in the Dengie peninsula, ensuring that the academy community is prepared and supported during lockdown.

In their efforts to ensure students are continuing to develop practical and creative skillsets, as well as giving time to their mental health and wellbeing, Ormiston Rivers Academy has also introduced a “no screens” afternoon. During this period, students are encouraged to engage in a wide variety of activities, including walks, bike rides, baking, art and other creative ideas. 

The first ‘no screens’ afternoon was extremely well-received by students, parents and staff alike, as they engaged in a wide range of activities from cake baking and bird watching to crocheting and board games.

The academy is planning to continue lots of the initiatives it has introduced during lockdown, as students have really loved the expanded opportunities to practice new skills and hobbies and switch off from day-to-day stresses.

Ormiston Rivers Academy principal Emma Baker said:

“We are so proud of each and every one of our students; for the way they have engaged with their live lessons during this period but also for how they have thrown themselves into new and exciting activities. Across the academy and our wider community, we have learnt many lessons and adapted to different ways of working during this difficult period. Lots of these innovative ideas have been new to our students and have proven to be wonderfully engaging.”

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