Pupils and staff at Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy release lockdown music project

  7 October, 2020

During lockdown, staff and pupils at Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy worked on a creative music therapy project to help stay connected and keep spirits high.

The school has now released their video creation, which is a new cover of the band Queen’s We Are the Champions. The video incorporates a range of different talents, from a variety of musical instruments including drums and the violin, to beautiful singing and even a special appearance from the Thomas Wolsey ducklings.

The creators also found innovative ways to ensure that the project is accessible to all, including words and symbols which serve as a communication aid for people such as our children who require visual aids to access communication.

Following the return to the classroom, the video now serves as a reminder of the way the academy came together during the pandemic and shows that the strong community lives on beyond the school gates.

Principal at Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy Helen MacDougall said:

“I couldn’t be prouder of how students and staff have supported one another throughout the pandemic and showed real resilience in the face of great challenges. This video is just one example of the ways in which the school community have come together during this time. Although the pandemic has undoubtedly been difficult for everyone, one silver lining is that we have all been brought closer as a result.”

To view the full video click here.

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