Students at Ormiston Rivers Academy celebrate A-level results

  13 August, 2020

Ormiston Rivers Academy sixth form student, Kate Frost

Students at Ormiston Rivers Academy have received their A-level results today, with many achieving some excellent grades. The school is celebrating 89 A*-B grades. 

With their results, students will be moving on to a wide variety of leading and specialist universities to study a diverse range of degree courses including the sciences, politics, law, English Literature, Psychology and even Comedy. There are also several students continuing their degree studies into nursing and policing; these are our future NHS and key worker heroes.

Some of the individual success stories include:

Ormiston Rivers Academy sixth former student Kurtis
  • Alice Flanders achieved a brilliant three As in Biology, History and Physics.
  • Kurtis Symons-Peck studied four A-levels in History, Drama, English and Psychology, as well as doing an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). He achieved A, A, A, B, C respectively.
  • Megan Davidson attained As in Geography and Psychology, a B in Law and a Distinction in Cooking and Nutrition.

Despite significant and unique challenges, students have persevered with their studies this year and have done themselves proud. The whole community at Ormiston Rivers Academy wish them every success as they progress onto the next stage of their education, employment or training.

Principal, Emma Baker, said: 

“I am absolutely delighted that our students have secured the grades they so richly deserve, particularly in light of the extremely difficult circumstances we have found ourselves in over the past few months.  I wish them all every success in whichever future path they have chosen to pursue.”

The grading process established by the Government this year involved schools assessing each of their students and awarding them the grades they considered they would have achieved, before all grades were moderated and confirmed nationwide by external exam boards. 

The grades received were based on each student’s prior performance in each subject, taking into account their coursework, mock exam results and their overall attainment across the last few years, as well as the sixth form’s previous performance and the national performance in each subject. These grades were then assessed by external exams boards and final grades awarded.

For information on the grading process and system click here.

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