Students at Ormiston Venture receive lifesaving first aid training

  13 November, 2021

Year 8 and 9 students at Ormiston Venture Academy have received vital first aid training.

The students took part in the training sessions that were run by Nigel Wildman from the British Red Cross, over a two-week period. The intensive training covered the core aspects of first aid, including helping the students to identify which personal qualities they have that are great for helping others in an emergency.

The training included various vital practical sessions, including one on how to deliver CPR and using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). All of the students were incredibly well engaged and loved being able to be hands on, doing CPR on Resusci-Anne’s and getting to use practice AED’s. This gave the students not only the skills but the confidence to use these techniques in a real-world situation.

Following on from the training, the academy plans to offer all their Venture Ambassadors the opportunity to train as First Aid Champions. The training is a certificated online course set up by the British Red Cross that will build on the basic skills the students have already been given and will further develop their abilities and confidence in first aid.

Providing the students with this vital opportunity has been a fantastic way to support not just those at Venture Academy but will also help to keep the wider community safe. Overall, the training was a great success and has ensured that students are now prepared in the case of an emergency.

Year 8 student Poppy said: “The training makes me feel confident enough to help a stranger who is in need of urgent care, I now know how to give life-saving treatment to someone. It makes me feel good that I know how to give CPR and use a defibrillator and could use it in a life-threatening circumstance.”

Principal, Simon Gilbert-Barnham said: “It is crucial to offer our students the ability to partake in life saving first aid training, to help keep them and the rest of our community safe.

“I am extremely proud of how they all showed great maturity, patience and kindness throughout the training and I am very pleased that they all understood and appreciated how valuable the information they were learning is.”

Head of student support, Owen Cooper said: “This training was a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn the basics in first aid. It is so important that everyone has basic first aid training to allow them to have the skills and the confidence to deal with situations in a calm and responsible way. Hopefully, the students will never have to use these skills but if they do, then they will have the key knowledge to be able to save a life.”

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