Students promote the importance of protecting the environment

  7 February, 2020

Sandymoor Ormiston Academy hosted its own climate change awareness week to promote the importance of protecting the environment.

Inspired by the efforts of Greta Thunberg and spurred on by the devastation of the Australian wildfires, staff and students are hoping the week will have a lasting impact, not only on their own attitudes towards sustainability, but on those of the wider community.

The school took a varied approach to tackling awareness of environmental issues throughout the week. All subjects included lessons tailored to climate change, with teachers finding creative ways to incorporate key issues into the everyday curriculum. In Maths, students learnt about the data behind climate change, while in Science they were taught about monitoring air quality and water supply. History students discovered the environmental impacts of industrialisation in the 21st century, and Drama pupils envisioned a world without key ecosystems. 

The changes to the curriculum were also supplemented by additional talks and workshops. Edge Hill University and the University of Chester were both collaborating with Sandymoor for this event, providing a host of interesting speakers. The school also welcomed some of the leading organisations in the environmental sector including Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and Oxfam, who joined the universities in educating and motivating students about the work to be done.

Students were encouraged to make an extra effort to be more environmentally friendly for the week, with the intention that the adjustments would extend beyond the week itself. Many who usually drive to school tried taking a more sustainable method, whether that was walking, cycling or even car sharing.

To harness the momentum sparked by climate change awareness week, students were also asked to write down one thing that they could do to help reduce climate change. These promises were then placed on a ‘pledge wall,’ which be visible in the school to energise staff and students about the importance of making environmentally friendly changes.

Sally Jones, Principal at Sandymoor Ormiston Academy, said of the awareness week:

“We are thrilled that the week was such a success and that our pupils were so engaged and passionate about the topics raised. At Sandymoor Ormiston Academy, we are very committed to promoting environmental issues, and we hope that our endeavours will encourage other schools to do the same.”

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