Tenbury High student talks about his community dedication on podcast

  3 February, 2022

Jonathan Bland, a Year 10 student at Tenbury High Ormiston Academy was recently interviewed on a podcast about the huge scope of incredible work he does to support his community. 

The podcast is hosted by the High Sheriff of Herefordshire, who was keen to talk to Jonathan about the amazing projects he is involved with. Jonathan volunteers for a range of important causes that support his community, including as a food share helper, a mediator at an adoptive families’ weekend and a messy church participant where he helps local families with a range of arts and crafts projects.

In addition to his community project roles, Jonathan is also a climate change activist and an expert on all things related to the town of Leominster, making him the perfect guest for the High Sheriff to discuss local town facts with.

Jonathan, who is also the youngest person to ever have been interviewed on the podcast, also discussed a wide range of topics and personal interests with the High Sheriff including how to reduce single-use plastics and his community initiatives.

The podcast was created to shine a light on Herefordshire’s own heroes, with the High Sheriff often talking to those who go the extra mile to support their community. Jonathan is known by many at his academy for his hard work and his willingness to always offer help. 

Jonathan Bland, Year 10 student said: “I really enjoyed getting to talk to the High Sheriff and discussing some of the great projects that I am involved in.”

Vicki Dean, principal said: “I am thrilled that Jonathan’s efforts have been recognised in such a fantastic way. He is an absolute joy to have at our academy and is always there to help others. Jonathan did a really great job on the podcast and spoke so eloquently about each cause he supports. 

“We are an academy that prioritises supporting and caring for our community and we are so proud when this is demonstrated so clearly in our students’ actions.”

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