Our approach

Setting direction

We are part of the education system, but we set our own direction. We take responsibility for using the freedoms we have been given to deliver the best education we can. Our size and national spread gives us a voice to speak up on behalf of our pupils, staff and communities, and we use that voice to their benefit.

Stretching minds

Education is a pursuit of the mind. We encourage our pupils and staff to read, to learn and to debate. We recognise the value of expertise and will try to capture the wealth of knowledge across our large workforce so that it can be shared. People who are overworked are less mentally agile. We use our scale to be more efficient which helps make workloads manageable and expectations fair.

Supporting our people

We believe the strongest leaders are those who are supported and who support others. Our central and regional structure creates a network that means problems are shared and successes arise from teamwork. We create opportunities within our organisation so many staff in many different roles can see how they can develop professionally and progress in their careers.