Estates and ICT

We are committed to our pupils and academy staff, so that they have:

  • Quality, warm and safe estates in which to learn and teach.
  • ICT resources that are flexible, appropriate and accessible, with safeguarding and security at the heart.
  • Guidance on purchasing to drive best value, savings and increase efficiency.

We manage an annual programme of estate projects, which includes new builds, and addresses maintenance and curriculum need. These works are streamed as either repairs and replacement or block improvement projects, to enhance the OAT family estate.

Since 2014, the Trust has invested £8.1m capital funding in repairs and replacement (R&R) work projects addressing issues from toilets improvements, to heating and asbestos removal.

Since 2015, the Trust has invested £9.24m in block improvement programmes (BIP) that address condition issues from leaking roofs to redesigning teaching spaces.

We work alongside other organisations such as local authorities, the Department for Education and grant-awarding bodies such as the Football Foundation and Sports England, to take advantage of funding opportunities to develop academy sites. 

Ormiston Endeavour Academy completed in September 2020

Recent estate projects include:

Working alongside other organisations, across the Trust the use of ICT will:

  • Enhance and extend opportunities for learning and development providing all pupils with the opportunity to achieve high academic outcomes, and develop social and practical skills for the rapidly changing world beyond school.
  • Be used to enable our children and young people to access broader opportunities and prepare them for the future.
  • Provide a safe environment for children, with ICT and related processes designed to protect all users, their data, welfare and systems.
  • Provide the opportunity to improve effectiveness and efficiency across the Trust, making the best use of resources in leadership and governance, teaching and learning, quality infrastructure, resource management, effective communications, and safety and security.

Leading the way

James Miller, national director of estates and technology is the co-chair and founder of the The Trust Network. The network works with four other MATs and is designed to help small developing multi-academy trusts manage their estate and annual budget. This is the only group of its kind to be endorsed and supported by the Education and Skills Funding Agency. For further information visit The Trust Network website.

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