Ormiston Academies Trust governance team supports local governing boards to ensure their systems are effective and that they meet legal and statutory requirements.

Governors are valued members of OAT, monitoring progress, challenging our leadership teams and fostering sustainable improvement in standards. Inspection evidence points to a direct relationship between good governance, quality leadership and student success, so the role of the governor is integral to the OAT success story. The governance team works with OAT academies to ensure that all governing bodies:

  • Execute their statutory and legal obligations in all aspects of governance.
  • Maintain effective and transparent communications between individual academies, their boards and OAT.
  • Fully understand their roles and responsibilities and know how to ask for help if it is required.
  • Operate within an agreed timetable for meetings, ensuring record collation is in place, deadlines are established which support all aspects of governance and clear records are kept of all meetings.

If you're interested in becoming a governor at one of our academies, you can find out more information here.

"Governors are well informed and have a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of a school. They have adapted meeting structures to ensure that they are full participants in monitoring the performance of pupils within the different subject areas...They effectively oversee the performance management of staff and participate in the Trust's performance management of the principal."Ofsted, October,2017 (Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy inspection)