Celebrating our apprentices during National Apprenticeship Week

  8 February, 2023

National Apprenticeship Week, which runs from the 6 to the 12 February is a celebration and recognition of the work of apprentices and the positive impact that offering apprenticeships can have on trusts and academies.

Recruiting apprentices

Our apprentices are an integral part of making sure that our academies continue to thrive. With over 260 apprentices currently employed across OAT, these courses enable us to recruit for a range of different job roles.

While the teaching assistant (TA) apprenticeships have been some of the most popular courses, we also have apprentices in IT, estates, marketing, finance and operations. Each of our apprentices is supported by their team at OAT and by our apprenticeship partner LMP Education to really grow and create their own unique career path.

We have been working with LMP Education for five years to ensure we are boosting the requirement of new talent while also offering further opportunities for our current staff to upskill. LMP Education provides each of our apprentices with 1:1 support from a tutor and the resources to ensure they are able to hit the ground running in their new role.

From the get-go, we are able to showcase to those starting their career at the trust (at an OAT academy or as part of the central team) that we are dedicated to nurturing their skillsets. As you will be aware, personal development is at the heart of our approach and we always encourage our apprentices to get involved in trust-wide initiatives, CPD and team bonding opportunities to ensure they are getting the most out of their time at our trust.

For Millie May Farrell, a Level 3 business administrator who works at the central trust, she has been able to grow her skillset while learning all about the practical side of working in an organisation like OAT. While Millie is still figuring out where she wants her apprenticeship with OAT to take her, her experience of working with the central team has made her excited about continuing her career journey at our trust.

One of our other fantastic apprentices is Paige Manship, who is also studying a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship at Ormiston Maritime Academy. While she has been able to develop her understanding of the business side of an academy, she is also looking forward to exploring other parts of the role such as finance, attendance and first aid. We want to provide every opportunity for our apprentices to find the specialist area they enjoy the most and showcase the wide range of career development opportunities available to them.

Furthermore, both Millie and Paige were driven to apply for their apprenticeships because they recognised the positive impact of working within education. Each and every member of our staff is able to make a difference to the lives of children and help OAT to drive our core aim of raising the aspirations of all our pupils.

Upskilling our staff

As our Trust continues to grow, we have placed a priority on offering more opportunities for our workforce to be able to upskill and experience different career pathways. In addition to other CPD opportunities available, staff can also undertake different apprenticeships relating to their role or even a new position they are looking to pursue.

In each academy, we want to create an environment where all support staff feel the same pride and responsibility in wanting their school to thrive as anyone else. In recognition of this, we are committed to ensuring we have a people-first approach to development so that everyone is able to feel fulfilled in and proud of the work they do.

For both current staff and our new apprentices, we are really pleased that as a large Trust, OAT is able to provide them with a range of unique and bespoke career opportunities.

This National Apprenticeship Week, we are celebrating the success that opening up apprenticeships as a clear pathway into education has had in enabling us to recruit a wide range of people with diverse skillsets. We look forward to continuing to see apprentices such as Millie and Paige thrive in their roles as a fundamental part of our OAT family.

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