Mission and values

Our strategy

We are commited to deepening the trust’s impact on children and young people, and improving our schools. Over the coming years we want this impact to be realised in tangible improvements to outcomes. Download the OAT strategy below for more information.

Our values

We believe that strength and impact are maximised by working as one team – from which comes our commitment to achieving more together – underpinned by our values, which inform all that we do.

Anyone can excel

Enjoy the challenge

Share what is best

Be inclusive

  • Anyone can excel: unwavering belief that everyone can achieve
  • Enjoy the challenge: perseverance pays dividends
  • Share what is best: we achieve more from working together
  • Be inclusive: celebrating our diversity and practising equity

Our priorities, for the next five years, flow from these values as they embody who we are and the goals we are setting for ourselves.