Its “Excellence for All” at Ormiston Six Villages Academy!

  25 August, 2022

Ormiston Six Villages Academy is bursting with pride today as it celebrates phenomenal results with the class of 2022.

This cohort, which has been the most impacted by the pandemic, have shown great determination and commitment to their studies throughout their GCSE and vocational courses. They have not only collectively exceeded the results of 2019, the last externally examined year, but have achieved top grades in all subjects, academy wide.

Unprecedented progress levels individually have been achieved also, with 30% of students achieving one or more top grades (7+) and many achieving top grades in all their subjects.

Among the many high-fliers, individual successes include:

  • Sky Chu achieved 3 Grade 9s, a Distinction*, 3 Grade 8s, a Distinction, and 2 Grade 7s
  • Luke Sari achieved 3 Grade 9s, a Distinction*, 3 Grade 8s, 1 Grade 7, and 2 Grade 6s
  • Alistair Hart achieved 7 Grade 8s, a Distinction and 2 Grade 7s
  • Nikole Feoktistova achieved 3 Grade 8s, 5 Grade 7s and 3 Grade 6s
  • Ariyan Sekhon achieved a Distinction*, 2 Grade 8s, one Distinction, 3 Grade 7s and 2 Grade 6s
  • Alfie Illingworth achieved 2 Grade 8s, a Distinction, 4 Grade 7s and 2 Grade 6s
  • Isaac Brady achieved 3 Grade 8s, a Distinction, 3 Grade 7s and 3 Grade 6s
  • Ronnie achieved 2 Distinction*, 5 Grade 7s, 2 Grade 6s and one Merit
  • Martyna Brodowska achieved 2 Grade 8s, 5 Grade 7s and 3 Grade 6s

Paul Slaughter, principal said: “Following two very challenging years, not only in terms of the academic rigour of their courses but also in the light of the extraordinary experience students have worked through over the last two and a half years with two extended periods of home learning, I am incredibly proud of the achievements of this cohort, and of the maturity and resilience students have shown.

“The credit for today’s results lies with the students, supported by their caring families, excellent teaching and a devoted school staff. I am delighted that results show successes not only across all traditional academic subjects but also vocational subjects.

“Our academy community is very proud of this cohort and would like to congratulate all our students; as a school staff it has been a pleasure to work with them, watch them develop into responsible community-minded young adults who represent our core values and we look forward to hearing about their successes in years to come”. 

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