Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy retains gold flagship status for its inclusive provision

  7 February, 2024

Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy (OBA) has successfully retained its Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) Gold Flagship Status in recognition of its outstanding inclusive provision.

The academy is one of only 100 schools in the UK to achieve this flagship status.

Staff at the academy have been praised by the national body for their impressive work to further enhance inclusive practice, including recognising how the academy’s attitude towards continuous improvement has resulted in its high standards of inclusive provision for all students. In particular, the leadership team was described as having a reflective and adaptable approach for students, ensuring the school is dedicated to upholding its core inclusive principles and constantly evolving practice to ensure students’ needs are put first.

The academy’s unique resources were celebrated for their supportive impact. This includes its new Intervention Centre and recently re-structured iZone, a dedicated area within the academy where students can take advantage of extra support tailored to their needs. On a tour around the iZone, the assessor noted recent improvements including strategies to help earlier identification of needs, the appointment of an assistant SENCO, and an increased teaching assistant team providing additional capacity to support students with SEND, reflecting the academy’s ongoing investment and commitment to all students.

The report also highlighted support provided by tailored reading initiatives, the role of anti-bullying ambassadors and the popular ‘Head Salad’ emotional wellbeing programme.

As part of the assessment, the academy was described as a ‘trailblazer’ when it comes to education and support through its unique Allyship Programme. The report states that led by an inspiring and passionate teaching assistant, the programme is fundamental to the inclusive culture at the academy and forms part of students’ daily practice through the ‘Lessons for Life’ curriculum and enrichment opportunities throughout the year.

The academy’s Family Support Worker was also praised as a positive addition to the inclusive provision offer at OBA, creating a cohesive approach and supportive atmosphere through strong teams around all children.

Mrs Porschke, assistant principal for Inclusion said: “I am really proud to achieve this award as it recognises OBA as a truly inclusive academy and acknowledges the hard work that staff put in to support our students on a daily basis. To be a part of such a small group of schools who have reached this flagship level really does highlight what’s so special about Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy and our commitment to continue striving for inclusion.”

Kathryn Evans, principal said: “I am so proud of this achievement which is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff and wider school community. I am delighted that the report findings reflect this ethos and acknowledges the depth of work taking place here each day.

“I look forward to working with our whole community to continue growing on this important journey to ensure all our students are supported and encouraged in everything they do.”

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