Ormiston Bolingbroke’s food bank challenge supports local community

  20 December, 2022

GSA Foodbank

In the weeks running up to the Christmas season, students and staff at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy have rallied around to gather much-needed supplies to support the local Runcorn Foodbank.

The local foodbank has been in desperate need of stocks for Christmas and this year. Along with the usual non-perishable items, they also expressed a real need for hygiene products, pet food and puddings, and with the support of maths teacher Mark Robinson, who organised a fun inter-form group competition, the academy met the requirements head on.

Mr Robinson challenged each form group to have their own collection, with a free hot breakfast on offer for the form bringing in the most items.

Students across the academy supported the drive and over a six-week period thousands of items were brought into school.

The wining forms were treated to a group breakfast for their magnificent efforts, but the school is extremely proud of all their students for getting involved and embracing the opportunity. Mr Robinson will be handing over the collection to Runcorn foodbank in time for Christmas, on behalf of the academy.

Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy is proud to be a central pillar within its community, with the fundraising efforts being amongst the various ways that the school, its students and its staff, help to give back to those in need.

Mark Robinson said: “I’m thrilled with the response to the competition and amazed at the lengths the staff and students have gone to in order to support their local community. As a school we are delighted to have been able to make such a significant contribution to those in our area who need it the most.” 

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