Ormiston Denes Academy inspires budding chefs, with a Lidl help

  26 February, 2024

Ormiston Denes Academy is shaping the next generation of chefs, with cooking lessons delivered in conjunction with Lidl’s Ingredients into Schools project.

The academy is teaching students to cook their very own delicious meals through a brand-new pilot supported by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board and the British Nutrition Foundation.

With ingredients donated by Lidl, aspiring student cooks have been learning how to make a tasty orange glazed one pan pork or veggies, as part of their wider practical cookery lessons in school.

The programme is supporting students to build their culinary skills and develop increased knowledge and confidence in the kitchen, whilst creating greater awareness of healthy eating and the components of a balanced, nutritious meal.

In taking part in the innovative pilot, the students have developed their practical food skills and experimented with exciting foods and recipes they can replicate in their home cooking. Working with farmers, the initiative also supports the British farming industry to share high-quality and nutritious foods with young people, so they can develop a love for cooking and healthy eating.

Talking about the programme, the Year 10 students at Ormiston Denes Academy said, “I really enjoyed making this dish as it was quite easy to make and it was nice to work with a different ingredient”, with another future chef saying, “the dish tasted really nice, the sweetness of the honey with the orange juice with the pork and rice made it really tasty.”

Kate Williams, principal said: “It has been excellent to see our students get really stuck into and inspired by cooking, learning more about the important skills and knowledge that goes into preparing a healthy, balanced meal and creating some delicious food at the same time!

“At Ormiston Denes, we are always focusing on creating new and exciting learning opportunities for our students within our curriculum, and this project is a clear example of how this focus really boosts our young people’s personal development and applicable skills.”  

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