Ormiston Park students supported by an adorable four-legged friend

  22 February, 2022

Students at Ormiston Park Academy are being supported by a wellbeing therapy dog.

The dog, who is named Buddy, comes into the academy twice a week to spend time with a small group of students who benefit from the extra support for their wellbeing.

As part of this support, the students are offered a range of different ways to spend time with Buddy. Some students enjoy taking Buddy out for a walk and playing with him while others appreciate having him by their side while they enjoy reading or quiet time.

Buddy’s presence has had a wonderful effect on the students that he is supporting, who are always overjoyed to be able to get some fresh air with their new four-legged friend.

Staff at the academy have also seen the great benefits that Buddy has had for their students’ mental health, wellbeing, and general happiness. Buddy belongs to Mrs Padmore, one of the Senior Leaders at the academy who is thrilled to see the positive impact that he has had.  

The introduction of a therapy dog forms part of the academy’s wider wellbeing offering and commitment to promoting positive mental health by supporting their students in every aspect of their school life.

Mark Roessler, principal at Ormiston Park Academy, said: “The wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance and so we are always thrilled to discover new ways to support their mental health. 

Having Buddy visit our academy has helped us ensure that some of our most vulnerable students are happy and healthy, which has enabled them to flourish.”  

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