Ormiston Venture Academy smashes another World Record

  13 September, 2023

A Norfolk academy has successfully broken its third world record for largest number of students participating in a PE lesson.

No stranger to breaking Guinness World Records, Ormiston Venture Academy has just added another to its collection as part of its focus on personal development.

The academy attempts to break a Guinness World Record every year, and is already the official World Record holder for the highest number of High-Fives with a mascot, Vinny the Venture Raptor, in three minutes and for the greatest number of paper aeroplanes in the air at the same time.

Following the end of Covid-19 restrictions, the academy also unofficially broke the record for the number of times a balloon could be bounced on a cotton bud in just 30 seconds.

This year, the academy went even bigger after learning of a Birmingham school that had set the world record for the largest number of students participating in a PE lesson, with 645 students taking part in training drills and sporting activities.

Rising to the challenge, the PE department created a plan to tackle their next record, with a lesson that could include the entire academy at once – students were given instructions on how to catch and field, given a demonstration in their classrooms, and excitedly warmed up with their fellow students.

The attempt then began – with 843 students taking part in two catching and throwing drills, and the academy’s principal, Simon Gilbert-Barnham, and head boy Louis, endeavouring to score as many runs as they could, while being surrounded by the world’s largest group of fielders. The pair managed to successful complete 6 runs before being caught out by a Year 11 student, the entire academy and their record-breaking mascot celebrated securing their position as an official world record holder for the fourth time.

With the academy’s world-breaking track record and focus on student development creating exciting extracurricular opportunities for students, another world-record attempt is undoubtedly already on the table for next year.

Jack, a Year 7 student said: “It was fun and I really enjoyed it. I can’t believe we broke a World Record on our first day back to school.”

Spencer Doggett, director of personal development said: “It is always good to see our students working as one big team and having fun at the same time. Attempting to beat such a record takes co-ordination and planning, but the PE department and of course students were terrific. We involved 843 students today, so smashed the official World Record that stands at 645!”

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