Ormiston Venture textile students expand their creative minds

  12 October, 2023

GCSE textiles students at Ormiston Venture Academy venture to the Time and Tide Museum for an enriching and inspiring learning experience.

Year 10 and 11 students from the academy have visited their local museum to expand their creative minds through educational adventure as part of their textiles studies.

The main attraction of the visit was the ‘Bare Bones’ exhibition, which invites visitors to explore the beauty, and secrets, of animal skeletons. The showcase that perfectly aligned with the students’ coursework theme and they excitedly used this textile-focused trip to gather primary research, including photographs and sketches, for their ‘Structures’ themed coursework project.

The unique exhibition delved deep into the intricate structures of textiles from the skeletal remains of textile machinery to intricate patterns woven into fabrics, unveiling the hidden beauty and complexity within textiles. The students were captivated by the artistic and technical intricacies on display, and seized the opportunity to take photographs and sketch these incredible textile structures to further their artistic understandings.

Exploring the entire museum, the students found a treasure trove of maritime history and local heritage. The museum’s unique location in a former herring curing works and smokehouse, right on the edge of the historic quayside, provided an immersive setting for the young artists. The museum’s rich range of exhibits deepened the children’s appreciation for local history and culture, from the atmospheric re-creation of a 1950s fisherman’s cottage to the vivid stories of Great Yarmouth’s maritime past and inspired fresh perspectives for their coursework projects, leaving an indelible mark on the students’ creative minds.

Miss Palmer, textiles teacher said: “The Time and Tide Museum is a lovely place to visit, and the Bare Bones exhibition was fascinating. It was excellent for our students to be able to see local history first hand and really engage with the exhibitions as part of the creative process.

“The trip was an incredible day of learning, inspiration, and discovery for all involved, and has undoubtedly ignited a passion for creativity and exploration that will be essential for our students as they continue their educational journey in the world of textiles.”

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