Stoke High School offers students wealth of sporting opportunities

  8 October, 2021

Stoke High School has invested in state-of-the-art sporting facilities to encourage students to get involved in physical activity, and the provision is available for prospective students and families to try out for themselves at its Open Evening this month.

The school has purchased a range of new sporting equipment that will give students the opportunity to try out different sports. The extracurricular activities on offer provide the students with the ability to develop new skills while prioritising healthy bodies and minds.

One of the key investments for the school has been a brand-new 5G football pitch, as football is one of the most popular extra-curricular clubs for both boys and girls, as well as an integral part of the PE curriculum. The students were very excited to hear about the new addition and couldn’t wait to play their first football match. 

Additionally, the school has also purchased 2 Grand Master Trampolines, to help inspire students to get involved with a different kind of sport. Trampolining and other gymnastics have always been very popular at the school, and the staff have found it important to offer more unique sporting opportunities.

As part of the school’s commitment to offering students the chance to try out all different types of sports and activities, students will also be able to play basketball on the outside courts, use the fitness suite and use the outside gym. They will also be able to take part in an obstacle course club and the school has invited Year 6 pupils from Halifax and Hillside Primary school to offer them a chance to get involved in the fun.

Alongside the sports clubs, Stoke High School provides a wide variety of other enrichment programmes, that offer invaluable experiences to students. This includes War Hammer club, chess club, Eco schools, crafting, music and Starbooks club. Since the beginning of the school year, students have already accessed over 700 sessions.

Principal Andrew Robinson said: “We are committed to providing our students with the best teaching, learning and enrichment opportunities possible, which is supported by our newly regenerated sporting facilities. These will enable our existing students to access to a greater range of sporting equipment, provision and opportunities, as well as being open to prospective students and families to try out as part of our Open Evening event.

“It is brilliant to see our students already embracing the new resources available to them, and we are really excited to be sharing this with even more children and families this week.”

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