They’re not scared! Packmoor pupils go on a bear hunt

  7 October, 2020

Fifty-five brave and daring explorers accepted the challenge to hunt for the elusive Packmoor Ormiston Academy Bear. Known to locals for frequently hiding out in the academy’s woodland area, the reception children were determined to discover its whereabouts.

The pupils from Packmoor Ormiston Academy were fearless on their intrepid bear hunt, wading through grass, splashing through a river, and squelching through the mud in their bid to hunt down the elusive creature. True to form, pupils discovered that they would not be able to go under or over any obstacles but would have to go through them instead.

Pupils were keen to develop their learning and particularly enjoyed joining in with the repetitive text as they carefully explored their environment. All the hunters joined in with the actions and words and although there were some concerns along the way, primarily around being caught unawares by the bear, all fears were overcome to complete the search.

The adventure was part of Packmoor Ormiston Academy’s commitment to making sure their pupils participate in enrichment activities both inside and outside of the classroom. By bringing Michael Rosen’s famous ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ story to life, not only did pupils get to know and understand the text much better, but it also provided a chance to learn more about nature.

Principal at Ormiston Packmoor Academy, Sharon May said:

“It’s been really great to see our reception pupils exploring their surroundings and learning more about nature, all the while developing their love of reading. At Packmoor Ormiston Academy we want to ensure that enrichment is firmly integrated into the curriculum, and through activities like these we can help to broaden pupils’ horizons.”

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