TV and music star Myleene Klass partners with Cliff Park Ormiston Academy

  14 December, 2023

CPOA Jadon Senti

Former Cliff Park Ormiston Academy student and TV and music star Myleene Klass has returned to the academy to mentor the next generation of students.

Cliff Park Ormiston Academy is shaping the next set of entertainment stars with the help of mentoring from Myleene Klass and her extensive experience in TV, music, and presenting.

Klass is a former student of the Great Yarmouth academy and has been giving back to the place that schooled her by mentoring Year 11 student Jadon Senti, who is passionate about building a career in performing arts, TV, or radio.

Alongside Klass and the academy’s principal, Mr Harry French, Jadon has been learning about the entertainment industry, with Myleene coaching him to learn and perform the iconic court scene monologue from ‘A Few Good Men.’ The group has been practicing and speaking over video calls every week, with Myleene even coaching Jadon whilst on location filming in Miami in Florida.

The mentorship forms part of the academy’s commitment to providing exceptional extra-curricular opportunities for students and encouraging their interests, which Myleene is passionate about supporting. Jadon performed the epic monologue as part of the academy awards evening that took place in November, which recognises the incredible achievements of last year’s GCSE students.

As part of the evening, television star Myleene Klass attended to support Jadon and to see how their weeks of work created a show-stopping performance. She will also be using her industry experience and wisdom to address the recent graduates with some words of inspiration as they look towards their futures.

Myleene Klass said: “It has been so inspiring to work alongside Cliff Park Ormiston Academy to help reach the next generation of stars and give back to the school that taught me so much. Working with Jadon has been really rewarding and I have loved seeing his passion and confidence for performing continue to grow.

“I am really looking forward to attending the awards evening and seeing Jadon perform on stage in front of all his friends and supporters and have no doubt that he has a bright future ahead of him. The support from the school has been integral in helping him pursue his passions and I am so excited to continue working alongside Cliff Park to encourage all young people to aim high.”

Harry French, principal said: “This has been such a great experience for both the academy and Jadon – it has been excellent to see how much Jadon has developed with Myleene’s mentoring, both in terms of confidence and performing ability, and I am incredibly excited to see the results of all his hard work at our awards evening.

“Raising the aspirations of all our students is something we are really passionate about at Cliff Park, and this mentorship has shown just how life-changing that can be for our young people. On behalf of the entire academy community, I would like to thank Myleene for her time and commitment to our students and I look forward to continuing our work in the future.”

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