Wipe out the boredom this summer!

  2 August, 2021

Tabletop Gaming Magazine summer special

Last year, Ormiston Forge Academy asked Tabletop Gaming Magazine to pick out some great free games to help eliminate the boredom over the summer, for pupils past and present to play over the holiday period. And instead of giving them an answer, they put together a whole magazine.

This time, Tabletop Gaming Magazine got in touch with both OAT and Ormiston Forge Academy and asked if we’d be interested in a 2021 summer holiday special magazine to share across our network of schools, we agreed that it would be hugely welcomed by our 30,000 pupils, their families and wider!

It’s free to download from Dropbox or Google Drive.

It’s got over 10 totally free games – using as little as a pen, paper and dice, through to printing whole card games, or running a war on your kitchen table.

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